FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: GatorPAC Endorses Republican Wayne Liebnitzky

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: GatorPAC Endorses Republican Wayne Liebnitzky in 9th Congressional District of Florida Race.


Madisonville, Louisiana. The Chairman of GatorPAC, retired Colonel Rob Maness, announced the political action committe's first congressional race endorsement of 2018 this morning. GatorPAC has endorsed Republican Wayne Liebnitzky in the 9th Congressional District of Florida Race. Liebnitzky is running to stop notorious Democrat Alan Grayson from regaining the seat he previously held.

In an email to supporters Sunday evening Maness said, "I'm asking you to join me in endorsing Wayne Liebnitzky, Republican candidate for Congressional District 9, the only person who can stop Alan Grayson from taking this seat." 

Navy veteran Wayne Liebnitzky is a staunch defender of the Constitution, a protector of liberty, and a believer in a strong national defense and GatorPAC is proud to endorse him. 

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